Five Football Betting Strategies You Should Use to be More Successful

  • Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020

If you would like to have a horrific football betting experience, then the number one way to do so is to start making bets without having a strategy. This is the easiest way to lose money. One thing that helps to separate successful sports betting fans from unsuccessful sports bettors are the practices used. A successful sports bettor understands that sports betting is really diverse, and they alter their approach with each game. Additionally, they know that there are many strategies out there that can be used and do not just make use of one. Below we will have a look at some different strategies that will help with your football betting experience.


Focus on European Football

When you are thinking about placing football bets, you obviously will be wanting to bet on the best matches available. Therefore, you will want to concentrate on European football as this is where all the best leagues in the world are. For example, there is the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Furthermore, there is the Champions League where the best teams across Europe battle it out to be crowned the best team on the continent. Then there is also the Europa League, and this is a competition for those teams that just missed out on qualifying for the Champions League. Thus, as you can see, there is plenty of European football you will be able to bet on, and the best bookies will make sure that they provide players with competitive odds and plenty of markets for these competitions and leagues.

Corner Betting

If you would like to be a successful football bettor, then you have to have an open mind. All of the best sportsbooks will offer their players a variety of markets for football, so you do not have to be content with just one type. For example, bettong on corners is now very popular for football betting fans. This might seem a bit odd, but if you do a bit of research then you can make a good profit from this market. You can do some homework and see the average number of corners that a team wins per game and then use your newfound knowledge to create your next bet. If you are not entirely sure where to start, then you should check data such as a team’s defensive and attacking stats. Making an effort to do your own research is something that could help you make a nice profit.

Consider the Double Chance

If you are the kind of football bettor that does not enjoy taking a risk, then you should consider making a double chance wager. With this kind of bet you improve your chances of making a profit as you are basically betting on two outcomes and not just one - you will win your wager if the team that you place a bet on wins or if they draw the match. This type of bet will improve your chances of winning by 33.3%, but because you have a better chance of winning, the odds will be lower, meaning you will not win as much.


Place a Bet on the Favorites

One common betting strategy for football bettors it to bet on a team that the favorite to win. This is quite a simple strategy and can increase your odds of winning quite dramatically. Favorites do have a much better chance of winning, but this is not something you can guarantee - this is what makes football such a great sport to watch. However, the odds will usually be lower for the favorites, meaning that you will not win large sums betting like this, but you will definitely win more bets than you end up losing. If you enjoy betting on the favorites, then we suggest that you give them a handicap to improve their odds a little bit.

Bet Small

Your stake’s value will obviously be dependent on your bankroll. The average sports bettor will have a moderate bankroll, so it makes plenty of sense to just place small bets. The last thing that you want to do when betting on football, or any sport for that matter, is to put all your eggs in one basket. You should find a couple of bets that you like the look of and spread your budget. This will improve your odds of winning, and if you get some of your bets right then you will end up with some kind of return. Sometimes you might find that Lady Luck is on your side and you win all the bets that you place.