Five Common Football Betting Mistakes That You Must Avoid at All Costs

  • Thursday, Nov 5, 2020

Let us be honest, nobody likes making errors, especially making the same mistakes repeatedly. Doing this is a lot worse in the football betting world because every error you make is going to cost you money. Furthermore, there are many people who react to losses by betting again to try and get it back, but this only leads to more lost money. Thankfully, it is pretty simple to avoid the common football betting mistakes. Below we are going to look at some of the common football betting mistakes and how you can avoid making them.


Trusting Experts

There are many people out there who consider pundits to be gods when it comes to valuable betting data. However, this is not always the situation. It is a great thing to see what others think about a match, but you should make use of their opinion as back up to your own homework and not place wagers that are based only on what they have said. Experts have credibility, but they also make errors from time to time, so it is always wise to check the facts. By doing this you will be making sure that all your bets are placed using informed judgement instead of just following the opinion of a stranger, no matter how qualified they say they are.

Never Chase Big Money

This is one of the most widespread football betting mistakes people make. Many newbie football bettors believe that they can earn large sums of money by placing small stakes on a large accumulator. Yeah, the returns of a big accumulator might look promising, but the chances of you winning one are slim as you need to get every prediction spot on. This is the reason why many professional sports bettors do not place accumulators. If you have just started out, you do not need to start chasing the big money right away. Instead, you should take things slow, and concentrate on high-value single bets.

Do Not Be Ruled by Your Emotion

When you approach betting with logic, valuable stats, and informed judgement, there is nothing preventing you from landing consecutive wins. However, once subjective opinion, anger, or your own personal bias with a team start to get cloud your judgement, you will find that things go south pretty fast. If you are annoyed after you have lost a bet, just call it a day and go to bed. Tomorrow’s a new betting day and hopefully your luck will be in. The same can be said if you are betting on a favourite football team - if you let your heart rule your brain, then you should forget the bet altogether.


Never Chase Your Losses

One of the most foolish mistakes the football bettors make is to chase their losses. Expert bettors have learnt to control their emotion and temper when placing bets and know that nothing good has ever come from chasing losses. If you have set yourself a budget of £50 and you have lost it, never tell yourself that it is okay to spend another £10 in order to try and win that £50 back as all that is going to happen is that you will be £60 light instead of £50. If it is not your night and you have lost your budget, just take it on the chin and forget about itTry to find out where you went amiss and how you can improve your chances of winning when you next bet.

Always Do Plenty of Research

If you want to make a career out of football betting, then you need to realize how much effort and time you need to put in if you want to be successful. Yet, there are many bettors who place bets without trying to dig into the stats that they come across. Not only should you do a lot of research before you place a bet, but you also need to learn how to recognize the most valuable stats. For example, a stat that says Manchester United always win on a Saturday when playing with humidity levels below 50% and when 20 birds fly over the stadium before kickoff is a stat that will help you win money. Do your homework, do not be idle, and you will start winning more bets.