football in england, and bet on it.

  • Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020

Introduction to England Football

Football is the most famous sport in England. They follow a traditional league system. There are different leagues where a team can play depending on their strength. The most popular league is called Premier league which involves 20 different teams. England has some of the biggest clubs in Europe such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United (, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Leicester City. There are other popular leagues such as FA and The Capital One Cup. The total number of teams contesting in different professional leagues is 92. England football is governed by a body known as the Football Association.

Betting on England Football is Complicated

England football is one of the most complicated to bet on. The main reason is that there are a lot of leagues. It comes to top teams, things get serious. You will not be suprised to see a club contesting in 4 different leagues at the same time. Such teams play twice or even thrice per week with very short resting hours. As a result, it is always hard to track the clubs’ consistency. Here, we are going to discuss some of the tips to help you succeed in England betting. If you follow them to the letter, you will have a fruitful betting. I found a very good sports betting site on cricket in India which also offers English bookmakers to bet on football. I share it with you here.



Analyzing the Previous Fixtures of Both Teams

The last opponents of the team influence their strength in the next fixture. A team that played against a stricter opponent is always exhausted. They usually field their best squad, and chances of having some injuries are high. Other teams might have played on another league recently, lacking the required time to rest. In this case, the opponents will always have an edge. As a gambler, placing your money, the opponent gives you a higher chance to win. However, this strategy can be affected by the length of the resting period. Having more than four days gives the less advantaged team a chance to recover.

Taking Advantage of Special Bets

Different betting sites that host England football teams give the option to place special bets. Special bets have higher odds compared to normal bets. Examples of special bets include placing a bet on the correct score, betting on certain players to score or get a red card, etc. A lot of gamblers have made millions while gambling on special bets. However, such bets require a lot of analytical skills. You need to analyze the outcomes of the two teams in over five times they previously met. You can search for this information from over the internet or the betting sites.

Place the Bets on the Legitimate Betting Sites


There are millions of sites available online. However, some of the sites are not legit. They will promise you good odds only to fool and run with your money. Before placing a bet, you should check whether the site is licensed in the UK. Most of the scammers’ sites are not permitted. You should also check the views of previous players who played there. After settling with around four sites, you should place your bet on the one with the highest odds. Some site operates the gambling business with the aim of exploiting players—that why they will fix the lowest odds.