If You Are a Plymouth Argyle Fan You Need to Become a Member of PASALB

  • Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Plymouth Argyle Supporters Association London Branch, also known as PASALB FC, is a Sunday League club from London. They have a match every Sunday at 2pm and play their home matches in Chiswick, South West London. They play in the APFSCIL Division One League and play against teams such as London Scottish, Manchester City, and Everton (we probably do not need to state that it is not the real Man City or Everton that compete in the Premier League.


Anyone is Welcome to Join

They do not take themselves very seriously and compete in the league simply because they love to play football. Therefore, they are always happy to welcome new players to their team, no matter what their skill levels are. Socialising is very important for PASALB FC and they usually travel together to go and watch Plymouth Argyle away matches. Most of the players, as you have probably already guessed from their name, are Argyle fans, but if you are not it does not mean that they will not accept you as part of their team. However, just be aware that after spending enough time with them you will eventually adopt Argyle as your second team.

What Type of Socialising Can You Expect?

As we said, socialising is crucial for PASALB and they aim to provide support for Argyle fans across London and South East England. They arrange regular meet ups where fans can discuss the latest club developments, celebrate wins and drown sorrows with pints. They organise a wide variety of events for all PASALB members such as meeting the manager, having an event with Argyle players in attendance, and a Christmas party with special guests as well as a fundraiser. After an away match, everyone will meet up at the same pub to have some pints. All the social events that are organised are free to members - non-members are more than welcome to attend the events, but they will need to pay an entry fee to join.

Most of the social events are held at the Hoop and Grapes pub in Farringdon as the landlord, Mike, is a huge Argyle fan and is a member of the PASALB. The annual membership fee is pretty cheap if you ask us. For an adult is is £10 a year, while anyone under the age of 18 or senior citizens only have to pay £5 a year. The easiest way to become a member is to go on their website and click on the PayPal link that can be found at the bottom of their homepage. Once the subscription has been paid, simply email your name and address to the email provided.

Source: http://www.pasalb.london/overview/